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Meet Dennis! Dennis Brouse, the entertaining and charismatic host of Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse, is a true horse expert having worked with horses since the age of 14. Born in Iowa and raised in Nebraska, Dennis Brouse has had a fascination and admiration for horses for as far back as he can remember. As a young teenager, his love for horses began at a summer riding program at a local ranch. Then, after serving his country in the military, he spent time in Illinois learning to shoe and break horses the old-fashioned way.

While his understanding of and admiration for horses proved to be at odds with the traditional way of breaking horses to the will of the trainer, he instinctively knew there had to be a better way, based on what he had come to recognize as the natural bond between horses and humans. The methods he now uses focus on that belief and are predicated upon cooperation, encouragement and partnership.

Dennis has committed his life to working full time with horses since 1996. He has spent literally thousands of hours working one-on-one with horses to fine-tune his own system, as well as studying the training methods of others.

In 2001, Dennis began to offer training clinics, and within two years he had produced his first series of training tapes for RFDTV. Within a short period of time, he had also produced an additional 11 televised episodes. His multiple-season series has only aired on PBS stations, known for airing high-quality programs, Dennis’ program grew to 250 stations across the country. Currently, his television series, Saddle Up with Dennis Brouse is airing on RFDTV and the Cowboy Channel, see Tv schedule, here.

Training videos

Effective Training Techniques

Dennis has been working with horses and horse owners for many years, developing a powerful training technique that is safe, easy and requires far less time than other methods. Each video shows relatable problems, solved with proven, quality training techniques from veteran horse trainer, Dennis Brouse.

Each episode will involve a specific training question or situation addressed by Dennis with the horse’s owner. Dennis’ methods are differentiated through their ease of application, gentleness for the horse, and effectiveness for the recreational rider. As Dennis teaches the owner and the audience his methods throughout the episode, vignettes addressing viewers’ broader fascination with the horse lifestyle and horse mystique are presented.