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Each episode will involve a specific training question or situation addressed by Dennis with the horse’s owner. Dennis’ methods are differentiated through their ease of application, gentleness for the horse, and effectiveness for the recreational rider. As Dennis teaches the owner and the audience his methods throughout the episode, vignettes addressing viewers’ broader fascination with the horse lifestyle and horse mystique are presented.

RFD – TV Tuesdays 10:30 pm ET
RFD – TV Wednesdays 12:30 am ET
Cowboy Channel Saturdays 9:00 am ET

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Episode 1 Buffalo Bill

Opens with a visit to the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in LeClaire, Iowa. Also: backing up a horse; mounted shooting; Scott County (Iowa) Park.

Episode 2 Living History

A 19th-century pioneer farm; the history of racing sulkies; a wagon ride.

Episode 3 Lewis & Clark

The hardships faced by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Also: a cattle clinic; a trail ride at Broken Kettle Prairie, Iowa

Episode 4 Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp’s boyhood home in Pella, Iowa; the Pony Express; Elk Rock State Park, Iowa. Also: helping horses get along with each other.

Episode 5 American Gothic

The house in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” painting; the sport of vaulting. Also: stopping a horse from pulling on the reins; riding on Iowa’s American Gothic and Pioneer Ridge trails.

Episode 6 Ioway Indians

Life on an 18th-century Ioway Indian farm; the Sac & Fox Trail in Iowa. Also: teaching a horse to respect one’s space.

Episode 7 Mormon Trail

A reenactment of the 1300-mile journey on the Mormon Trail. Also: mules; head-tossing and movement Issues; wagon trains.

Episode 8 John Wayne

Winterset, Iowa, John Wayne’s birthplace, is visited. Also: a horse with ear-sensitivity issues.

Episode 9 Amana Colonies

A tour of the Amana Colonies, a national historic landmark on the Iowa prairie. Also: horses that walk away; Tennessee Walker horses.

Episode 10 Humboldt County Museum

A stop at the Humboldt County Museum in Iowa to explore 19th-century life. Also: despooking a horse for trail rides; jousting.

Episode 11 Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop

A visit to a historical blacksmith shop highlights the important role blacksmiths played in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Also: how to cross a stream on a horse.

Episode 12 Amish Village

An Amish village; an Amish buggy ride. Also: a lesson in pulling the reins.

Episode 13 Garst Farm

The Season 2 finale features Garst Farm at Whiterock Resort in Iowa, which was visited by Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1959. Also: a head-tossing horse.